Call for Speakers and Workshop Facilitators

Destination Net Zero: Leading Change Forum 2022

Leading Change’s mission is to activate young professional leadership to accelerate positive environmental, social, and economic impact. As part of this mission, we are putting out a call for speakers / session facilitators from youth-led ENGOs to help shape the programming content of the Leading Change Forum, taking place in March 2022. 

Know a great fit? We value suggestions from our delegation and alumni to create content and programming that is inspiring and actionable for YOU. If you know a speaker or organization who would be a great fit for the Forum (including yourself!), we welcome you to send on this call, submit a proposal, or write a short note to our team with any questions at

At this time, proposals are not being accepted. Watch this space and follow us on social media for future updates. Short-listed organizations/individuals will be followed up with via email to schedule a short qualification call, with a target of selections being made by early January 2022. We anticipate selecting three (3) proposals.

Health and safety update

Given that coming together safely is our top priority, we are re-scheduling Leading Change Forum 2022 to March 28, 2022. This will allow additional time for in-person attendees to get their booster shots and, hopefully, allow for the COVID-19 Omicron wave to disperse. We will be following all federal and provincial health and safety protocols at the event, including requiring proof of vaccination, masking, and social distancing. Contingency plans are in place if the need to further modify in-person activities arises. Check back here for updates.


Leading Change is a national not-for-profit organization supporting Canadians between the ages of 19-35. Our mission is to activate and accelerate young professional leadership for positive environmental, social, and economic impact. Leading Change is part of a constellation of sustainability-focused organizations that includes The Delphi GroupGLOBE Series, and EXCEL Partnership. We share a common vision: to achieve a sustainable, prosperous, and socially just future in a generation.   

Leading Change Forum is a biennial youth and young professional summit integrated with GLOBE Forum, where global leaders from business, government, and civil society come together to manage risk and take action on solutions in the clean economy. The goal of the event is for participants to feel confident, prepared, and supported to take action – whether that’s planning and implementing sustainability projects in their community, driving partnerships for greater impact, starting or scaling entrepreneurial programs at work, or making presentations to local government.

The 2022 edition will be hosted in Vancouver, convening 150 young Canadians (ages 19-35) to catalyze action for environmental change through a variety of activities including social labs, keynotes, collaborative workshops, open discussions, and mentoring sessions. This is where you come in. 

Youth-led ENGOs have always played a key role in our programming, facilitating sessions and design labs, participating as panelists, and leading change in our multi-sector, multi-generational network. This year, we are launching an open call for proposals for speaking opportunities, which may include design labs, presentations, workshops, or other activities.  


Leading Change Forum is a one-day event, taking place in March 2022. The Forum will be supported by pre-Forum activities in the weeks leading up to Forum, and post-Forum activities in tandem with GLOBE Forum. Our programming includes a variety of activities, including presentations, networking, and interactive design labs. 

We are seeking proposals to develop and lead a 60-90 minute session within this time frame. We are also seeking one virtual workshop to be delivered via our event platform website, which is compatible with a wide-range of session formats, including both presentation-style and interactive sessions. 

We welcome a wide range of session topics, related to the key thematic areas of Destination Net-Zero: Leading Change Forum. Suggested sub-topics are provided here for inspiration only, we welcome any related topics in which you and your organization may have expertise! 

  • Just Transition – e.g. exploring gaps in current economic models, lifting up marginalized voices, reimagining the relationship between work and compensation, exploring opportunities and gaps in reskilling and education 
  • Infrastructure – e.g. planning and building resilient infrastructure, the interplay between natural and human-made infrastructure, emerging trends in the built environment, etc. 
  • Innovation – e.g. cleantech solutions, social innovation and inclusion in the low-carbon transition, policy innovation and new approaches to working in / with government, systems thinking, design thinking, youth-led solutions etc. 
  • Practical Skill Building – (e.g., developing partnerships, entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship, government relations, etc.) 

The objectives of Leading Change Forum are to support young professionals to learnconnect, and activate on solutions to social and environmental crises. Proposals should focus on at least one of those priorities.


  • The audience of Leading Change Forum are youth and young professionals (ages 19-35) with demonstrated leadership, an interest in sustainability issues, and an openness to hearing from different perspectives. We strive to achieve representation across geographies, sectors, identities, and lived experience within the delegation. 
  • The delegation will include 150 young leaders. We expect this session to be delivered to a sub-set of this group of up to 50 participants. Please indicate in your proposal if and how group size affects your proposed session. 
  • The ideal session length is 60 to 90 minutes in length. Please indicate in your proposal the length of your proposed session. 
  • Understanding that a key objective of Leading Change is to foster skills-building and action, you may also include optional follow-up activities or recommended next steps in your proposal, if required to sufficiently deliver objectives. 
  • The session will be delivered virtually via our conference platform, which is compatible with a wide range of session formats. Please indicate in your proposal the format of your session, including any requirements for interaction & participation. 
  • Teams and co-facilitators are welcome and encouraged to apply. Anyone 35 years of age and under will automatically qualify to be part of the Leading Change Forum delegation and registration will be covered. You may include up to three (3) presenters per application. 
  • Budget not to exceed $800.00 CAD for core programming. We acknowledge that this budget is modest, and welcome proposals that scope to budget and also name what would be needed to cover the full scope as requested. 

Note that the selected facilitators would work in close collaboration with the Leading Change Canada programs team, especially with regards to logistics, tools, and platforms.  

In no more than two (2) pages, please include the following: 

  1. Background of delivery organization & facilitator(s) expected to be involved 
  2. Proposed session description, including: 
    1. Theme(s) within the program which the session is a fit for (see thematic areas within Scope of Work); 
    2. Format of session (including number of facilitators, ideal size of audience, length (60 or 90 minutes is preferred) and degree of interaction/engagement); and 
    3. Expected learning objectives. 
  3. Budget / cost breakdown. While we appreciate proposals that scope to budget, we also welcome proposals that name what further resources would be required to cover the full scope of work as requested. If you believe that your proposed objectives would best be met with additional resources (e.g., a follow-up session), please name this and list as a separate line item. 

Note that if there are multiple topics that you or your organization would be interested in covering during a proposed session, please provide information on each within your proposal. You may increase the page limit if including multiple session proposals. 


Selection Process

Selections will be made with consideration to the experience of you or your organization, alignment with Leading Change’s theory of change, diversity of overall program with regards to session topics and representation within the program across sectors, geographies, identities and lived experience. 

Leading Change aims to play a small but critical role in helping to break the cycle of under-representation by connecting young leaders to broader networks of support and providing them with access to those currently in power. We value the contributions of individuals who identify as members of typically underrepresented communities in positions of Canadian leadership or power (Black, Indigenous, persons with disability, visible minorities, LGBTQI2S+). We recognize that structural barriers shape experiences and opportunities and take this into consideration with selection decisions. 

Proposals are closed at this time. Short-listed organizations/individuals will be followed up with via email to schedule a short qualification call, with a target of selections being made by early January 2022. We anticipate selecting three (3) proposals for this RFP. 

We thank everyone in advance for their applications. Only select candidates will be contacted.

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