What is Leading Change?

Leading Change is a movement started by young environmental and sustainability professionals who are mobilizing to address issues that are critical to attaining a sustainable, prosperous, and socially just future. The young people we work with are forward-thinking individuals who see the value in expanding their network across different disciplines, industries, generations, regions, and ideological perspectives.  

We believe leadership in the private, public, and plural sectors should reflect the people they serve. Our organization aims to play a small but critical role in helping to break the cycle of under-representation by connecting young leaders to broader networks of support and providing them with access to those currently in power. 

What is a Leading Change Forum/LEADINGxCHANGE?

Leading Change Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events (previously known as the Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders), support face-to-face learning and networking opportunities for sustainability leaders between the ages of 19-35. We help equip them with the skills and support they need to accelerate action towards a livable, inclusive future. 

Our Forums and LEADINGxCHANGE events typically run in parallel with GLOBE Series and provide multiple touch points for delegates to take advantage of connecting with more senior sustainability leaders

Where and when is the next Leading Change Forum/LEADINGxCHANGE taking place?

You can stay up to date with our upcoming events by following us on social media and checking out our events page. In the past, Leading Change Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events have been integrated with GLOBE Forum and GLOBExCHANGE, our selected delegates are encouraged to take advantage of the additional access to exemplary sustainability programming.  

What are the benefits of attending the Forum?

As a Leading Change delegate, you can expect to walk away with: 
  • New connections to peers outside your industry, discipline, or ideology
  • New questions and ideas through hearing different perspectives and experiences
  • A greater sense of clarity and direction from experienced leaders in the field
  • A more diverse network to draw upon to help you lead change – both now and in the future
Subject to availability:
  • Access to GLOBE plenary sessions, hackathons and innovation challenges, keynotes, and social events

What are the requirements to be considered as a delegate for the Forum?

The Forum is open to anyone between the ages of 19-35 on the day of the event, with demonstrated leadership, an interest in sustainability issues, and an openness to hearing from different perspectives.

Depending on the focus and objectives of the event, we may prioritize applicants with experience in particular areas of work or study. 

How do I apply for Leading Change Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events?

Applications for each Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE event open approximately 6 months prior to the event. You can keep up to date on open opportunities with Leading Change by following us on social media, and check the current status of Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events applications on the events page. In all cases, applications are received on a rolling basis until all delegate spots are filled. Those interested are encouraged to apply early.

Is there a cost to apply to attend Leading Change Forum/LEADINGxCHANGE? What happens if I am accepted?

There is no cost to apply, so please do! If accepted there is a registration fee that we try our best to align at a cost that is accessible to students and young professionals. We know the cost of attending events can be a barrier for delegates and we work continuously with our partners to make financial assistance available to our delegates to reduce barriers of attendance.  

How much does Leading Change Forum/LEADINGxCHANGE cost?

Costs for the Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events depend on the location and duration of the event. However, we aim to keep the cost to a level that students and young professionals can reasonably afford. For example, the past Forum and LEADINGxCHANGE events have had a ticket price of $150 and $200 CAD respectively, with options for more accessible pricing/discounts. 

Do you offer registration or travel support?

We’re happy to provide materials and letters of support if you would like to make the case for financial support to your employer, municipality, or other potential supporters. We also have a small team of volunteers who can support these conversations and fundraising asks on your behalf. 

Do we have access to the GLOBE Forum?

Access to GLOBE events is dependent on the funding that Leading Change is able to allocate to full GLOBE event passes. Historically, Leading Change delegates have had access to the corresponding GLOBE events in some capacity

My company / organization would like to support Leading Change. What kind of partnership opportunities are available?

That’s great news! 

Please reach out to our team ( We look forward to learning more about your organization’s sustainability priorities and exploring areas of alignment.

What are some of the benefits of investing in young leaders through Leading Change?

In exchange for support, our partner organizations receive numerous benefits in return. By joining forces with Leading Change, you can expect to:

  • Scout talent and build intergenerational connections with some of the most progressive sustainability leaders under 35

  • Communicate your organization’s change initiatives on your own terms and in an open-minded environment

  • Share your vision with a generation who can help carry your ‘wish list’ items forward and implement solutions

  • Join a diverse network ready to mobilize around your organization’s campaigns, initiatives, and change projects