Over the past few years, Leading Change participants have expressed they want more structured opportunities to: 

  • Connect with peers and senior leaders of sustainability and climate action spaces
  • Improve soft skills to help drive personal or internal projects forward, and have a positive, influence on colleagues and community members
  • Help each other stay motivated and combat the ongoing struggle with eco-anxiety
  • Efficiently organize around a particular cause with relevant collaborators

In response, we launched Leading Change Hubs: small, focused groups composed of young sustainability leaders with similar career goals, industry experience, topic interests, or shared identities.

Earlier this year, the last round of Leading Change Hubs focused on topics around the circular economy and circular finance, sustainable and climate finance, and governance and social equity. This wave of hubs will  focus on major themes that align with GLOBE Series’ Destination Net Zero Events. Destination Net Zero focuses on embedding action and accountability through a ’10 x 10′ lens: 10 actions, in 10 years, that we need to take to get to net zero.

We’ll lead on coordinating schedules, sending calendar invites, providing you with a platform for discussion and collaboration, facilitating discussions, and synthesizing next steps at each bi-weekly small group meeting. You’ll focus on deliverables and developing meaningful connections. Based on your preferences and interest areas, we’ll organize you into hubs of 8-12 participants to determine your final goals and objectives. 


  • Offer subject-matter experts and mentors
  • Compiling and sharing resources 
  • Accountability with personal objectives 
  • Facilitate new connections to friends, mentors, and experts (and re-connections!)


Small, focused groups composed of young sustainability leaders with similar career goals, industry experience, topic interests, or shared identities meeting bi-weekly over the span of 10 weeks to identify actionable items that will contribute to net-zero goals 


Applications are open until November 30, 2021, and pending scheduling, the first meeting will take place on the week of December 6, 2021. 


90 minutes every other week over a 10-week period (five group meetings in total)


  • Trusted connections to peers, mentors, and experts 
  • Accountability structure to help move intentions from talk to execution (Objectives will be determined and identified at the first Hub meeting)
  • Opportunities to practice or hone online facilitation and leadership skills at an upcoming Leading Change Virtual or Forum event

If you are interested in joining us, please submit your application by November 30, 2021. Please expect to hear from us regarding your application status before the first Hubs meeting taking place the first full week of December. 

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