Generation Net Zero

Leading Change is creating brave and collaborative spaces in a new medium: the podcast.

Generation Net Zero takes a deep dive into the latest conversations in climate justice – from youth activism and how to make the circular economy a reality, to climate anxiety in a rapidly changing world, and more. Our guests will include some of the leading minds from the youth sustainability scene. They will draw on their unique experience to discuss what must be done to activate and mobilize young people toward reaching net-zero emissions in a generation.

Generation Net Zero will feature two main episode formats: one-on-one interviews with individuals who inspire us on the road to net zero, and roundtable discussions with 3-4 young leaders focusing on a single topic or theme.

Generation Net Zero will explore guests’ past experiences: what it’s like working in their sector, what makes them a leader in sustainability, and their personal and professional journey that got them to where they are today. Each episode of Generation Net Zero will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length and follow a semi-structured style that encourages natural and authentic conversations.

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A new podcast created by Leading Change Canada about youth leadership, climate justice, sustainability, activism, and more to discuss the necessary steps we must take to reach net zero.

A conversation with Meredith Adler, the Executive Director of Student Energy which is an environmental NGO that supports 50,000 youth in 120 countries to accelerate the sustainable energy transition and empower young people, about amplifying youth voices, how to deal with climate grief, and what her number one piece of advice is for young professionals.

Join Bo, Dave Bailie, Amanda Chouinard, Taylor Stimpson, and Sophia Yang as they talk about everything circular economy, from the perils of personal greenwashing, to what excites them about the circular economy landscape in Canada. 

A conversation with Manvi Bhalla, the President and Co-Founder of Shake Up the Establishment, a youth-led non-profit that promotes climate justice using an intersectional approach. Manvi shares with Bo and Emily her experience as an activist and community organizer, her passion for women’s health, and what has motivated her throughout the years to continue her work in justice and advocacy.

A conversation with Sabrina Guzman Skotnitsky, International Policy Specialist at Youth Climate Lab. She’s also the Director of Sustainability and Impact-Driven work at Emerging Youth Consultancy. Bo and Emily chat with Sabrina to learn more about her work at organizations that are dedicated to mobilizing and empowering youth.

A conversation with Marina Melanidis, Founder and Development Director at Youth4Nature. Bo and Emily chat with Marina to learn more about her career in sustainability.
Learn more about Youth4Nature: Youth4Nature.org

A conversation with Chúk Odenigbo, Founding Director and Director of Ancestral Services at Future Ancestors Services. Bo and Emily chat with Chúk to learn more about his work in sustainability and what it’s like working at Future Ancestors and while completing his PhD in Medical Geography.

Join Bo, Emile Lavergne (Manifest Climate), Julie Segal (Environmental Defence), and Kimberly Watada (CPP Investments) as they take a deep dive into sustainable finance. They share some of the work they’re doing and some exciting opportunities for young people in Canada. 

A conversation with Kat Cadungog, Executive Director of Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. Bo sits down with Kat to learn more about her work in sustainability and to discuss some challenges youth are facing in philanthropy.

Earlier this year Kat wrote an article for The Philanthropist Journal about some of the ongoing challenges youth face and how funders can better support young people. Learn more here.


A conversation with Veronika Bylicki, Executive Director & Co-founder of CityHive. Bo and Emily sit down with Veronika to learn more about her work in sustainability and to discuss some opportunities for youth to influence change in their local communities.

Learn more about CityHive here: https://cityhive.ca/

On Generation Net Zero our hosts Biboye Aganaba, Executive Director and Emily Lau, Programs Coordinator at Leading Change will sit down with young leaders in climate justice, sustainability, activism, and more to discuss the necessary steps on the road to net zero. Join us monthly to hear from the brightest minds in the youth sustainability scene. We are Generation Net Zero. Join us.

A conversation with Corey Mattie, Co-founder of Indigenous Treaty Partners. Bo and Emily sit down with Corey to learn more about his work in sustainability and working with organizations to become better allies.

Learn more about ITP: https://www.treatypartners.ca/


We want to acknowledge that this podcast is recorded on traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island. We respect and affirm the inherent and Treaty Rights of all Indigenous Peoples across this land. All of us at Leading Change have a part to contribute to our healing and decolonizing journey. We want to acknowledge the discussions about climate change and sustainability often centers western science and excludes traditional knowledge and ways of knowing, and Indigenous Peoples have been protectors and stewards of the land we live, work, and play on for thousands of years.


Are you a young sustainability professional, climate activist, or environmentally-minded politico and want to be featured on the podcast? Please reach out to our Program Coordinator, Emily Lau, at emily@leadingchangecanada.com to connect.