Join us on April 3rd for this one-day event, focusing on the intersection between finance and sustainability.                                               Leading Change Capital 2017 program


Millennials today demand more from companies and organizations than financial ROI. Leading Change Capital is a highly interactive day of workshops that will focus on how Canada’s youth can influence the mobilization of capital and successfully launch new innovations for a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The morning will consist of three concurrent sessions with the themes of how to ‘Scale, Grow, and Inspire’ change, allowing you to pick the session that is most relevant to you. The sessions will be interactive allowing you to meet and discuss the topics presented, ask questions of the speakers and moderators, and discuss with your peers.

In the afternoon we will start with a presentation about researching and applying for grant and venture funding, and then Student Energy will host an interactive Innovation Jam session. This afternoon session will give you the opportunity to break out into smaller groups with your Leading Change peers and discuss specific topics and ideas. Learn and contribute as much as you can so that at the end of the afternoon you will have gained some knowledge and incentive to take additional action on your own and with your peers.

We are currently working on securing our keynote speakers and session speakers, but we plan on hosting some incredible people and, taking a queue from our prior years’ lineups, we will have an incredible list of panelists.

There may be opportunities to attend some of GLOBE Capital, space permitting.

Delegates working (or with an interest) in sustainability, finance, infrastructure and innovation will be invited to attend, and to be part of the next generation of Canadian leaders.

Attendance is by invitation only; if you are interested in attending, please email your interest and a brief summary to Leadingchangecanada@gmail.com. The cost to attend is $35.

Leading Change is a national movement started by young environmental and sustainability professionals working together to catalyze action and influence positive change locally, regionally and internationally.

Leading Change is put on in cooperation with CEP Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa), The Delphi Group and The GLOBE Series.

To stay engaged with your local community, join up with your local Connecting Environmental Professionals chapter.

CEP Toronto, CEP Calgary, CEP Vancouver, CEP Ottawa

The GLOBE Series

The Delphi Group

*Schedule subject to change