Leading Change Fellowship

Do you want to be part of the movement creating a more sustainable and equitable future? Join the Leading Change Fellowship to become a more impactful leader and connect with a dynamic community of changemakers. 

Over the five-month Fellowship, you will  enhance your financial literacy, explore the intersection of financial decisions and environmental impact, and explore new ways of doing business.


The Leading Change Fellowship is a transformative virtual program aimed at empowering young professionals aged 19-35 residing across Canada from diverse backgrounds to emerge as leaders in sustainability. Through a combination of specialized training, mentorship, and hands-on projects, participants will gain essential knowledge and skills to help shape a future where equity, sustainability, and cooperation are central tenets of societal progress. 

Over the course of 5 months, fellows will engage in the 3 main pillars:

  1. Environmental Prosperity & Resilience
  2. Financial Wellbeing
  3. Cooperation in Business

What you’ll get out of the Fellowship

Training and tools to become a more purposeful leader

Connection with peers from across sectors and regions

Access to expert mentors who are leading the way in Canada

Additional benefits include:

  1. One year of free learning via Coursera (courtesy of Coast Capital) 
  2. Access to Leading Change Forum and GLOBExCHANGE in 2025 in Toronto 
  3. Access to Leading Change Alumni Network 
  4. Selected group will have the opportunity to facilitate a session at Leading Change Forum/ GLOBExCHANGE (exact session TBD) 

How it works

The Fellowship will kick off in late August 2024 and conclude in early January 2025. Participants are required to complete up to 5 hours of workshops per month, plus up to an additional 5 hours of ‘homework’ and additional reading outside of the sessions. Sessions will take place every other Thursday at 7pm ET/4pm PT. 

The Fellowship will culminate in a final project that allows Fellows to apply and deepen the knowledge and skills they have acquired. This project will encourage initiative and drive real-world impact.

What will be covered

Module 1: Environmental Prosperity and Resilience 

Supporting and scaling actions that educate and encourage climate change risk mitigation, adaptation and resiliency 

  • Define environmental prosperity & resilience  
  • Climate change risks in Canada 
  • Climate change adaption strategies, including, 
    • Resilience planning 
    • Disaster preparedness & emergency response 
    • Nature-based solutions 
  • Role of cleantech and green technology innovations 
  • Indigenous practices for environmental prosperity and resilience 
  • Case studies on communities that have adapted to risks due to climate change 

Duration: 3 sessions 

Module 2: Financial Wellbeing 

Fostering financial security and resiliency for Canadians looking to build skills, find employment / mitigate risks, particularly for those that are underrepresented. 

  • Define financial wellbeing 
  • Level setting on financial literacy amongst group 
    • Discovery of barriers faced 
    • Identify knowledge gaps 
  • Uncovering financial resiliency  
    • Types of financial services available in Canada* 
  • Moving Money for Environmental Good 
    • Learning about the links between finances and climate change / sustainability  
    • Actionable steps to engage with personal finances in ways that are values-aligned 

Duration: 3 sessions 

Module 3: Cooperation in Business 

Raising awareness around different business models including the cooperative model 

  • Defining the cooperative model 
  • Benefits of cooperatives to society 
    • Mental wellbeing 
  • Comparison between traditional business model vs. cooperative model 
  • Case studies 

Duration: 2 sessions 

How to apply

To be eligible you need to reside in Canada for the duration of the Fellowship, be between the ages of 19-35, be passionate about sustainability, and be able to commit to the duration of the program. 

Applying to the fellowship is free and if selected, there is a program fee of $150.00 CAD. If the fee presents a barrier, please inquire about financial support.

The application process involves three steps: submitting your CV, answering a series of questions, and creating a short video. 

To apply, please submit your application by 11.59 pm ET on July 31, 2024.

Video submission:  

When prompted on the application, create a video up to 1-minute in length introducing yourself. Share why you’re passionate about environmental sustainability and why you’re excited about this fellowship. You can use your smart phone to record the video, just make sure it’s in portrait mode. 

Get in Touch:

If you have questions or would like more information about the Fellowship, contact us admin@leadingchangecanada.com. 

Thanks to our Sponsors

We are pleased to acknowledge the support of our sponsors for the Leading Change Fellowship. We appreciate their commitment to fostering positive change and innovation within our community. 

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