For nearly two decades, Leading Change events have brought together sustainability leaders from across the country. The young people who are drawn to apply as delegates are mature, forward-thinking individuals who recognize the value in expanding and diversifying their connections across different disciplines, industries, viewpoints, identities, and generations. 

Leading Change provides a brave space to practice conversations and new ways of working together. Now more than ever, our country – and our world – need leaders who are able to work across different:

  • sectors to develop innovative solutions to accelerate towards a cleaner economy;
  • party lines to appreciate different perspectives on value and move solutions forward; and
  • identities and generations to ensure a future that is prosperous and socially just for all.

Each event is unique and can include a variety of activities – from social labs, keynotes, and collaborative workshops to open discussions and mentoring sessions. By the end of their experience, Leading Change delegates are expected to walk away feeling more confident, prepared, and supported to take action. The experience is designed to: 

  • connect youth delegates with a diverse pool of peers and mentors; 
  • equip them with the information, tools, and strategies needed to move the needle on pressing issues; and 
  • empower them to lead boldly and look out for each other.


Are you a sustainability leader who keeps seeing the same faces at events? Curious to see what others are working on beyond your bubble? As a Leading Change delegate you can expect to leave with:

  • new connections to peers outside your industry or discipline; 
  • new questions and ideas sparked by different perspectives and experiences;
  • a greater sense of clarity and direction from experienced leaders in the field; and
  • a more diverse network to draw upon to help you lead change – both now and in the future.

Leading Change supports knowledge sharing and network support for sustainability leaders between the ages of 19-35. We help equip them with the skills and support they need to accelerate action towards a livable, inclusive future. 

The young people we work with are mature, forward-thinking individuals who are interested in expanding their network across different:

To be eligible, applicants must be between 19-35 years of age on the day of the event. Preference is placed on Canadian-based applicants and proportional representation from all provinces and territories are built into the final delegation composition.

Applying to any Leading Change event is free and if selected, there is a registration fee for Leading Change Forum and Capital. This fee is highly subsidized and set at a level that most young professionals are able to invest. Financial support is available should the Leading Change event registration fee present a barrier to participation. 

While we cannot guarantee funding for travel and accommodation at this time, dedicated volunteers and materials are available to support individual fundraising efforts. Full-ride funding is being prioritized to support indigenous youth participation.

If you have any accessibility needs surrounding the application or anything else we should be aware of, please reach out to participants@leadingchangecanada.com.

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