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We are proud to have a dynamic, vibrant alumni network. If you’ve participated in a Capital or Forum in the past, that includes you. You’re invited to join our Alumni LinkedIn group, as well as our email list to keep up to date on everything Leading Change Canada will offer and achieve in the future.

With the alumni survey we aim to create an updated alumni database from which we can plan new programs that bring added value to our alumni network. We believe that a robust and active network can be a valuable contributor in creating synergies between sectors, public discourse, and between generations.

The alumni survey is in the form of 6 linked sections which can be completed in multiple sessions.. The survey takes approximately 15 mins to complete and will provide opportunities for general and specific feedback.

We'd like to acknowledge some of the amazing people who have generously given their time to support the success of Leading Change's flagship events!

LC Capital 2021

Executive Directors: Megan Poss and Bo Aganaba
Committee: Nauman Saeed Anwar, Brianna Brown, Loïc Eloy, Shelby Empey, Sarah Hanson, Claire Melanson, Anna-Kay Russell, Alicia M. Richins, Austin Zacharko, Aniqah Zowmi

LC Forum 2020

Executive Director: Megan Poss
Committee: Nauman Saeed Anwar, Brianna Brown, Emily DeSousa, Loïc Eloy, Sarah Hanson, Claire Melanson, Anna-Kay Russell, Aniqah Zowmi

LC Capital 2019: Investing in Our Future

LC 2018: The Future is Now

LC Capital 2017: Financial Literacy in the 21st Century

LC 2016: Preparing for the New Paradigm

LC 2014: Meeting the Essential Needs of Tomorrow: Rethinking the Energy, Food and Water Nexus

LC 2012: How am I going to Change the World?

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