Supporting Organizations

Connecting Environmental Professionals

Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) is dedicated to creating education, engagement and employment opportunities for emerging leaders in environmental and economic sustainability. Founded in 1997 in Toronto, has grown to include over 2000 members in chapters in the Ottawa-Gatineau, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. CEP hosts over 50 events per year including speaker series, networking sessions, mentor programs, community projects, and job fairs.

CEP Vancouver    CEP Calgary          CEP Ottawa

The GLOBE Foundation

The GLOBE Foundation, a not-for-profit private business foundation, was established in Vancouver in 1993 with a mandate to promote the business case for sustainable development. In addition to organizing high-profile events such as the GLOBE Conference in Vancouver and the EECO conference in Toronto, the GLOBE Foundation provides consulting and communication products to help their clients achieve their goals of sustainable development.

 The Delphi Group

Since 1988, The Delphi Group has been helping companies develop and effectively deploy environmentally responsible business practices that are economically viable and enhance long-term performance.  The Delphi Group has been a trusted provider of environmental, sustainability and climate change solutions to hundreds of domestic and international corporations and public sector organizations. Delphi clients now account for an incredible 20% of Canada’s GDP, Canadian energy companies representing 40% of Canada’s oil production and 15 of Canada’s Fortune 100 companies.