Under the umbrella of the recently launched GLOBE Virtual Resilience and Transformation Series, Leading Change Virtual brings the best elements of the face-to-face Forum to an online stage. Over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out interactive dialogues on issues that matter to young people and virtual coffee chats with sustainability heavy-hitters.


The current global health crisis and economic downturn mean many organizations are, or will be, cutting back on recruitment activities. What does this mean for young people hoping to enter the workforce and advance sustainability priorities? Hear from people who have faced rough markets or roadblocks on their path to securing meaningful employment. They’ll offer empathetic insight, tips, and strategies for pursuing a career path with purpose when times are tough.

Content will focus on students, recent graduates, and young people seeking sustainability-related employment. This webinar is open to the public.

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  • Nauman S. Anwar, Manager PMO Governance, ENMAX
  • Sarah Applebaum, VC, Renewable TechVentures
  • Laura Corrales, Sustainability Officer, Delmar International
  • Corey Mattie, Former Director, Scotian Wind

Expert on the line:

  • Catherine Stace, Career Strategist, CACEE Board member, and Career Services Manager at the Max Bell School of Public Policy


  • Megan Poss, Executive Director, Leading Change

This webinar is part of a series on Sustainability Careers. Upcoming events in the series include:

  • How to Advance Sustainability as a Junior Employee
  • How to Launch a Purpose-Driven Organization
  • How to Pivot to a Sustainability Career
  • How to Start-Up: Youth Founder Stories
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