Organizing Committee Alum

These are all the incredible people who have volunteered their time over the past few years to making Leading Change such an incredible forum. Click below to see their LinkedIn profiles.

LC Capital 2017: Financial Literacy in the 21st Century

Committee: Raad Seraj, David Photiadas, Peter Smalley, Nicole Dufraine, Elliot Weinstein

LC 2016: Preparing for the new Paradigm

Event Manager: Laura Whorizek

Committee: Maya Douglas, Nicole Dufraine, Warren Greeves, Ari LesniakAndrea de Paoli

LC 2014: Meeting the Essential Needs of Tomorrow: Rethinking the Energy, Food and Water Nexus

Event Manager: Rachel Ward

Committee: Gwen Cottle, Kaitlin Boyd, Maureen Cooper, Sarah Jane Wolch, Jillian Kelly, Elliot Weinstein

LC 2012: How am I going to Change the World?

Event Manager: Elizabeth Watterworth

Committee: Allyson Clark, Elliot Weinstein, Vicki Latter, Jessica Ward, Kaitlin Szacki, Rupinder Assi