What is Leading Change?

Leading Change is a Canada-wide movement started by young environmental and sustainability professionals aimed at engaging, empowering and educating the next generation of environmental leaders, policy thinkers, entrepreneurs and community actors to catalyze action and influence positive change locally, regionally and internationally. The objective is to address environmental, social and economic issues that are critical to attaining a sustainable future for the next generation.

What is The Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders?

The Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders is an energy-filled day of plenaries, keynotes, workshops and mentoring sessions that will both inspire and equip delegates to lead change in their own communities. The Forum runs in parallel with the GLOBE Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business and provides multiple post-Forum touch points for selected delegates to take advantage of throughout the week.

The outcomes of The Forum include an expanded network of informed emerging leaders; established relationships between the emerging leaders and mentors; new employment opportunities for young leaders; and innovative new project ideas for emerging leaders to implement in their workplaces, post-secondary institutions and communities.

Where and when is the next Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders taking place?

The 2016 Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders will take place on March 1st at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, BC.


What is the theme for the 2016 Forum?

This year’s theme is “Leading Change: Preparing for the New Paradigm” with a focus on topics that will encourage delegates to learn about and generate new ideas, models and economies that address environmental, social and economic issues critical to attaining a sustainable future. Details on the program, speakers and break-out sessions will be announced on our social media channels as they are finalized so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear it first!

What are the benefits of attending The Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders?

  • Connect with 150 passionate emerging sustainability leaders from across Canada
  • Unique networking opportunities with political and industry leaders
  • Exposure to new career and employment opportunities
  • Inspiration for new ideas ie. community projects, a new business, innovating within the workplace

Subject to availability:

  • Access to GLOBE 2016 plenary panels, breakout sessions, keynotes and social events from March 2-4 at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Partial subsidization of travel expenses for out-of-town participants
  • The opportunity to present your innovative idea to a GLOBE audience

What are the requirements to be considered a delegate for The Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders?

The Forum is open to Canadian students and young professionals 19-35 years of age with demonstrated leadership and interest in environmental issues.

How do I apply for The Forum?

The application form can be filled out and submitted here. In addition to the application, please forward your resume to Warren Greeves, Director of Future Leader Engagement at your earliest convenience.

When is the application deadline?

To be considered for early acceptance, please submit your application and a copy of your resume to Warren Greeves, Director of Future Leader Engagement, by Tuesday December 8th.

All applications and resumes must be submitted by 11:59pm on Friday, January 8th 2016 in order to be considered for this year’s Forum.

Is there a cost to apply to attend The Forum?

It is free to apply. Upon acceptance for participation, a small fee will be payable at event registration. Please apply at your earliest convenience as Forum participation is limited!

Is there a cost to register for The Forum?

Full Time Students

  • CEP Members: $30
  • Non-CEP Members: $55


  • CEP Members: $60
  • Non-CEP Members: $85

When will I know if I have been accepted to attend The Forum?

All responses will be delivered by late January – in order to be considered for early acceptance, please apply by December 8, 2015.

I do not live in Vancouver. Are there travel bursaries available?

Partial subsidization of travel expenses for out-of-town participants will be provided to full-time students. Recent graduates will be considered based on demonstrated need and availability of sponsorship.

Under benefits subject to availability, it is indicated that a limited number of GLOBE 2016 passes will be available for delegates. How can I qualify for GLOBE 2016 passes?

Full-time students will be considered for the discounted GLOBE student passes. The availability of GLOBE passes for non-student delegates will be dependent on funding. Non-students may consider volunteering at GLOBE 2016 in order to gain access to the conference.

All Leading Change delegates will be granted access to the following GLOBE sessions with their EELF 2016 delegate pass:

  • Closing Plenary
  • Next Generation Session (Thursday)
  • Trade Show
  • Walking Tours

My company would like to support The Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders – what kind of sponsorship opportunities are available?

Please read our Sponsorship Prospectus and contact Ari Lesniak, Director of Sponsorship and Sustainability and Laura Wohrizek, Event Manager to learn more.

What are the benefits of Sponsorship?

  • Profile and media: in addition to the Leading Change network and the significant interest that the next generation gains before, during and after the event, receive increased exposure through the broader GLOBE 2016 conference
  • Access to the resumes of 150 of Canada’s best and brightest young leaders of all professional backgrounds engaged in the area of sustainability
  • The opportunity to engage in a national dialogue with participants on a particular issue of interest to your organization
  • Professional development for youth in your organization: forum attendance will foster leadership skills development, inspire passion, educate and motivate the next generation of leaders