2012 Program Elements

Leading Change 2012 incorporated the following program elements:

1.    Mentorship Moments

Based on past success of the Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders speed-mentoring will play a central role. The 2012 Event will incorporate connection times between younger professionals and more senior professionals to discuss subjects like:  a) Current issues, b) Current solutions and, c) Career advice.

2.    Funding Competition

To challenge participants to work together in diverse teams and develop creative solutions to apply sustainability in Canadian communities they will have the opportunity to participate in the Funds for the Future Challenge. This is an important element in building the Leading Change movement because team ideas funded through the competition process can then be executed on after the event. Future touch points amongst participants can incorporate updates on activities developed in the competition process.

3.    How to Lead Change workshop

This session will provide participants with the tools they need to create change in their communities. It will be led by experienced presenters who have been successful in their pursuits and cover topics such as: moving from idea to action, how to get funding, getting the advice and mentors you need, how to set up an organization and useful resources/references.

4.    Connection Groups

Both during the forum day and on the subsequent days where some participants will be attending the GLOBE 2012 proceedings there will be connection points set up where participants can reflect and share about things they have learned. These connection groups will be divided based on the GLOBE 2012 themes:

  • Corporate Sustainability
  • The Changing Economics of Energy
  • Responsible Finance & Investment
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Global Emissions Management
  • Water
  • Sustainable Consumption & Retail

5.    Planned series of future touch points to 2014

The central idea that this is not a one-time gathering but a movement means it is essential to plan the logistics of where and how participants can connect again is essential. In addition to the establishment of the social media spaces where people can connect, there will be physical connection points where participants can re-convene.

For detailed programming see the 2012 Delegate Package.