Mike Gerbis

CEO, Globe Group

CEO, Delphi Group

Mike Gerbis is CEO of the GLOBE™ Series. Mike oversees the overall direction and program of the GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo, which is North America’s largest and longest-running sustainability event and host to 8,000 participants – many of them senior leaders from the business, finance, environment and government communities – from over 50 countries. 

Mike is also CEO of The Delphi Group, a strategic consultancy providing solutions and support in the areas of corporate sustainability and climate change. For more than two decades, Mike has advised corporations, institutions and government on how to create long-term value through innovation and by addressing environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities. is a sought-after speaker and has presented at some of the most prestigious sustainability conferences and events in the world. He is also the co-founder of two

not-for- profit organizations, The Climate Reality Project Canada and the Emerging Leaders Forum. He regularly engages and educates youth and business leaders through initiatives such as SHAD Valley International and TEC Canada.

Mike was named top consultant in Canada’s Clean50 for 2016, and was also included in Canada’s Clean16 for 2016. He holds a Master of Environmental Engineering degree from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University.

Chantale Després

Director of Sustainability,

Canadian National Railway

Chantale leads CN’s sustainability strategy, working closely with key internal and external stakeholders, to advance sustainable supply chain solutions.  She is a volunteer and a member of the Board of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Canada, as well as other professional and not for profit organizations. In 2015 Chantale was named to Canada’s Clean16 in recognition of her contributions to sustainable development and clean capitalism. Chantale holds a Masters Degree in Marketing from l’Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec) and a Business Administration Degree from l’Université de Moncton (New Brunswick).

Sandra Odendahl

President & CEO, CMC Research Institutes 

Sandra Odendahl is President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes, an environmental tech and innovation company that facilitates the testing and scale-up of technologies that reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources. She joined CMCRI in September 2017 with over 20 years of experience in environmental science, engineering, and responsible finance.

She previously headed the Royal Bank of Canada’s Corporate Sustainability, Social Finance and Social Innovation teams.  Prior to joining RBC, she worked as an environmental scientist for Noranda in Montreal, and as an environmental consultant for BEAK Engineering in Toronto and Vancouver. Ms. Odendahl is Chair of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, and a board director of the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Sandra has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa and an M.A.Sc from the University of Toronto. She is a licensed professional engineer, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder. Sandra lives with her husband and two children in Toronto.

Jackson Hegland 

President, Modern West Advisory 

Jackson is the President of Modern West Advisory, a strategic consulting firm working with industry, government, and solution providers to build effective climate change mitigation strategies. He is also the Executive Director of the Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance: an industry organization composed of methane reduction technology and service providers from throughout Canada and the United States.

Jackson previously spent 9 years with an oil and gas producer building their corporate sustainability strategy including a focus on risk assessment and growth opportunities. He is a former Board member with Connecting Environmental Professionals – Calgary Chapter. Jackson graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Environmental Economics.

Pietra Basilij 

Sustainable Community Development,

Vancouver Economic Commission

Pietra is the Vancouver Economic Commission’s lead on sustainable community development where her work involves building up the capacity of businesses, academic institutions, and community organizations to reach common sustainability and economic development goals. Pietra led the creation of the Flats Economic Development Strategy that demonstrates how a central light industrial district in Vancouver can become an engine of innovation, sustainability, and economic resilience for the city.

She is currently working on several initiatives aimed at addressing the unaffordability of light industrial space in Vancouver, spurring the shift to a more circular economy, enabling the adoption of smart logistics solutions, and facilitating energy efficiency retrofits and cleantech demonstration projects.

Elliot Weinstein (Chair)

Entrepreneur, The Beach YYC 

As written by Elliot’s 9 year old nephew, Sam.

Uncle Elliot was born in Vancouver, and now lives in Calgary. He sort of likes skiing, especially with his 3 nephews and 2 nieces. He likes to play video games on his phone all day and look on snap chat. He buys really good video game presents, especially when he comes home from Japan with Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat.

Uncle Elliot came to visit us last March and we all skied in the ski cross at Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers. Uncle Elliot came third. I also came third. Uncle Elliot likes to play volleyball on sand so much, that he is starting his own indoor beach volleyball business, called The Beach YYC.

Uncle Elliot really likes the environment and argues with his friends on Facebook about it. He came to Leading Change the first time when I was 1 and a half (2010), and then helped plan it in 2012, 2014 and 2016 (Advisory Committee).

Laura Wohrizek

Event Coordinator, Smart Prosperity Institute  

Laura works at the Smart Prosperity Institute, a national research network and policy think tank based at the University of Ottawa. She works with the research and policy teams to organize knowledge sharing events that range from small expert workshops to large international conferences, all with the goal of advancing practical policies and market solutions for a stronger, cleaner economy.

Her work also involves creating opportunities for environment-focused students to be involved and engaged with the work of the Institute. Laura received a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia, and most recently acted as the Event Manager for the 2016 Leading Change Emerging Environmental Leaders Forum.

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