Janessa Grossett

Event Manager 


Janessa is playing for Canada as a World Sustainability Leader and Leading Change is the next vehicle. She is always discovering and developing her capacity for leadership development, catalyzing community action, scalability and team performance.

From starting an event management company in University, to an internship with corporate sustainability legend Interface®, to Sustainability Office at The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change – Janessa is excited to mobilize the team and continue building Leading Change for global impact. Find her online or outside.

Sara Fralin

Venues & Logistics 

British Columbia 

Sara is a certified yoga instructor who loves the outdoors and is often found camping and skiing throughout BC. She currently works for a renewable energy company (Instream Energy Systems) as the coordinator of community engagement and grants. Let’s not forget her board of directors role at the Environmental Youth Alliance.

Sara is an asset to the team with a variety of experience in community engagement, marketing, and technical grant writing. She holds a MA in Sustainability Studies from Trent University and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Environment Studies from the University of Victoria.

Crystal Vella



Crystal is a go-getter who really puts herself out there to build valuable and meaningful relationships. She is enthusiastic to create an inquisitive and thought-provoking application process that has delegates connect to why leading change in the world is something they are committed to.

She likes traveling (and elephants) but also works as an Analyst at The Delphi Group. Crystal is highly involved in sustainability professional networks and holds both a  Master of Environment and Sustainability degree from UWO and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment.

Ahsan Syed 



Ahsan makes it happen and is well-positioned with a solid network and connectivity. His big scale experience involves strategy, consulting, sales/marketing with PepsiCo and Exxon Mobil Canada, and managing an entrepreneurial education program with NGO and University partners across nine countries out of Ivey Business School. 

He also represented  young Canadians at the 71st UN General Assembly in New York. Currently, Ahsan works for Cap-Op Energy where he collaborates in designing emissions management regulations helping large emitters implement projects for carbon credit markets.

Rory Nussbaumer

Sponsors & Sustainability 


Rory is the definition of passion and you’ll be hooked on his excitement for agricultural innovation. His family farm upbringing matched with his full-time role as a commercial/agricultural analyst at Scotiabank gives our team a lens to perspectives in the prairies.

Rory also coordinated Emerging Agriculture in 2016 – a 3 day event bringing together 150 students from different disciplines to help solve current technology related issues in agriculture.

Robyn Seetal 

Globe Liaison


Robyn is a warm, generous, and accomplished individual. She recently embarked on a year sabbatical from Deloitte and is focused on volunteer initiatives for global projects aligned with social innovation, sustainability, and climate change. Robyn is a CPA and involved in many capacities with various impact and leadership-driven organizations.

She is currently a Calgary hub member with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, serves as founding Director for Local Investing YYC and Board member of the Trans Canada Trail, and is an Innovator with the Natural Capital Lab.

Megan Poss 

Marketing & Communications


Megan is super creative and organized – what more could you want from someone leading marketing activities? She geeks out over market solutions that support ecological stewardship, social justice, and equitable economic opportunities. 

After a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, she went on to achieve a Master of Environment & Business from the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development. She currently leads sustainability and social economy files as the Project Manager for McGill’s Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management.

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